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Weekly KBC Bulletin


Keyport Bible Church - October 3, 2021

Sermon this Week

Speaker: Pastor Matt Daniells

Location: Sanctuary (Overflow seating in MPF)

Time: 9:30 a.m.

Text: 2nd Timothy 4:9 - 16

Title: “People: Can't live with 'em, Can't live without 'em”

Sunday Servers

Children's Church: Elizabeth Goodnough

Nursery: Nancy Slater

Ushers: Ron Vaughn, Jim Kelly, Mike Will

Prayer Requests


Women's Event - Paint & Sip:

Ladies, please join us as we gather in the KBC gym and are guided in a fall-themed painting. It will be Friday, October 8th at 6:15 pm, and all ages and creative abilities are welcome! Hot cider, snacks, and all supplies will be provided.

Missions Moment


Walt & Claire McConnell

Location: OMF: Singapore

  • Walter & Claire have a new granddaughter, Sophie Laura Livingstone, born Sept. 6, 2021.
  • Walter & Claire have been living in Coleraine, Ireland since mid-March due to COVID-19.
  • From Aug. 1, the McConnells have been on home assignment- a time to report on their work and help others understand the mission & how they can be involved.

"Claire and I have been living at our home in Coleraine, Northern Ireland since mid-March 2020 due to the worldwide Covid situation. Though we are here, we continue to do our work which is based at the OMF International Center in Singapore, and run the office there. This means that communication with our team is not as efficient as formerly. Covid also means that we are also unable to travel to different Asian countries to visit the work being done there. That is semi irrelevant at the present time, as the Singapore government won't allow us to return as they are trying to keep their Covid numbers down. (This isn't something that is against us personally, but against anyone traveling there from the UK.)”

On Sept. 7, Walter will begin teaching a course on Old Testament theology at Irish Bible Institute in Dublin. This will include 13 weeks of classes that will include travel to Dublin. He also will be teaching virtual classes on OT historical books through Koinonia Theological Seminary in Davao, Philippines. Pray that he will build good relationships with the students and that they will be able to understand the material and apply it to their ministry settings.

On a Personal Note:

“We are thankful for the prayers offered for Claire’s mum, Laura, and our entire family. She passed away peacefully on August 8th. We were able to have a special, quiet, family funeral on the 11th. It was good to have the family gather at this time from both Northern Ireland and England. Following the funeral, we were able to see Louise, Martin, and their Derby, enjoying walks and playing with Torin & Cade. We were able to enjoy two weeks of much-needed rest at the end of August and the first week of September.”

Ministry Priorities:

Along with the classes, Walter will be teaching, priorities include the next issue of Mission Round Table. It has been sent for layout and should go to the printer in the next couple of weeks. Pray for this end of the project and upcoming distribution. Pray that the focus this issue gives to prayer & mission will encourage many to engage God and expect His answers as we boldly draw near to Him in faith.


Prayer Support
  • Pray the first week: Read insert- pray for Walter & Claire and their family as they grieve the loss of Claire’s mum Laura, and for rest and refreshment from the Lord during their time here in Washington.
  • Pray the second week: Pray for Walter’s teaching preparation, his scheduled travel to Dublin, and for the virtual classes to connect with students in the Philippines.
  • Pray the third week: Praise the Lord their Employment and Dependent Passes have been renewed for three years! Pray for wisdom and guidance as Walter & Claire make plans to return to Singapore after their home assignment.
  • Pray the fourth week: Pray as Walter & Claire serve with OMF, that God will use them mightily for the kingdom, for fresh faith to step out as the Holy Spirit leads, and for protection for their marriage and family.

Persecution Profile

Reverend Yohanna Shuaibu

Nigerian Christians

Location: Nigeria

Killed: September 2021

Picture on left: Reverend Yohanna Shuaibu

Reverend Yohanna Shuaibu died on Sept 23 from wounds from a mob attack. A local man had left Islam, neither attending the church or mosque and killed his sister-in-law. The man surrendered himself to the police, but the local Muslim community blamed the reverend because they believed he converted the man. The Reverend and his family spent a night in a neighboring village before returning to evacuate the Christian school children. The mob attack the reverend’s home that night. The reverend’s wife and children escaped but Yohanna died from the machete attack. The mob went on to burn his home, church, and school.

Elsewhere in Nigeria, on Sept 26, 44 Christians were confirmed killed in nighttime attacks. The gunman also attacked a church killing one and wounding several others. Those killed were mostly women & children. Some are still missing. Please pray for our persecuted brothers & sisters.

Please pray for our family overseas.

News sources:

Looking Ahead

October 8: Women's Paint & Sip @ 6:15 pm

October 17: Communion Meal & Pastor Appreciation @ after service

October 24: Worship Team & A/V Crew Potluck @ after service

Weekly Meetings

Keyport Bible Church Building


Prayer Gathering: 8:30 AM

Sunday Service: 9:30 AM

Sunday School: 11 AM

Youth jumping in sunset


Men's Bible Study: 8 AM

Women's Study Group 1: 1 PM

Youth Group: 6:30 PM

"AWANA Clubs" Logo


Prayer Gathering: 12:30 PM

Seniors Being Renewed: 2 PM

AWANA: 6:22 PM

Adult Sunday School: 6:30 PM

Bible verses highlighted with color pencils


Munchkin Meet-Ups: 9 AM

Women's Study Group 2: 4:30 PM

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